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Want to see what Chef really looks like?  You've come to the right place!  View the following screen captures to get a feel for what Chef is really like - then download and try it out.

Recipe Listing

Browse your collection quickly with the index.

Simple Recipe Search

Enter a keyword or two and your'e on your way to locating that favorite recipe.

Advanced Recipe Search

Narrow down your search results by entering more details to your search criteria. Very helpful for finding something to cook in a pinch.

Individual Recipe

View all aspects of a recipe in one easy-to-read window.

Entering Your Recipes

Adding and editing recipes is easy. Enter ingredient amounts as fractions or decimals, just as they appear in your cookbooks.

Slideshow Mode

Use your computer in the kitchen and you can view your recipe in a large print, fullscreen, slideshow format as you cook. Ingredients are conveniently always visible and highlighted for the current step.


Need a hard copy? No problem, just click Print!

Scaling Ingredients

You no longer need to do the fraction math when doubling, halving, or otherwise scaling a recipe's ingredients. Chef can do it for you!

Scaled Recipe

After scaling, the recipe is presented in the same manner as before but with the appropriate adjustments made.

Meal Planning

Planning out your weekly meals is a cinch with Chef's built-in calendar.

Add to Menu

Pizza on Monday? Spaghetti on Tuesday? From the recipe view you can quickly add the recipe to an existing menu or plan a new one with the popup calendar.

To the Grocer

After you have planned out the meals for the week, quickly highlight the days and all of the recipes and their ingredients to Chef's shopping list.

Shopping List

Review or add any miscellaneous items to your shopping list.

Printing a Shopping List

With all of your ingredients on Chef's shopping list, a quick click of a button will have you off to the grocery store with list in hand.

Share a Recipe

With Chef Recipe Packages, it's fun to share recipes with friends and family. Use the Chef Sharing Wizard to select which recipes to include and away you go.

Opening a Recipe Package

Everyone names ingredients differently, Chef takes the hassle out of it. Load a Chef Recipe Package and you control how ingredients are named.
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