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Chef Release Notes

  • New - integrated database backup and restore.
  • New - Meal planning allows you to schedule meals to be made.
  • New - Updated toolbar icons throughout Chef.
  • New - Quickly add planned meals to your shopping list from the scheduling calendar.
  • New - Access to scheduling recipes from the recipe toolbar.
  • New - Drag and Drop to rearrange planned meals on the scheduling calendar.
  • Fix - Improved Windows Vista/7 install experience.
  • Fix - Improved behavior of the recipe listing, measuring unit listing, and ingredient listing index bars.
  • Fix - Print Preview window starts very small.
  • Fix - Unable to install SQL Server on 64-bit Windows.
  • Fix - Improved handling of blank measuring unit entries when editing recipes.
  • Fix - Crash that may occur when clicking an internet link in Chef if FireFox requires user action before starting.
  • Fix - Recipe sharing failure involving recipes with no ingredients.
  • Fix - Double-clicking a recipe package on the computer didn't launch the Sharing Wizard on some systems.
  • New - Refreshed the UI color scheme.
  • Fix - Recipes with long titles can run out of room to display the title.
  • Fix - Ingredient Preparations don't get carried over to scaled recipes.
  • Fix - Print button on the Shopping List Print Preview window only prints the header.

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