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Chef Release Notes

  • Clear way to delete shopping list items.
  • New button for deleting shopping list items.
  • Tooltip text for search textboxes.
  • Better names for the search results tabs.
  • Error reporting for submitting bugs to EJ innovations.
  • Added text if no search results were found.
  • Shopping list instructions displayed on the window above the shopping list.
  • Fixed bug that discarded modified, unsaved items if the user enters a registration code before saving.
  • Fixed crash when a recipe was added to the Uncategorized category/section.
  • User settings maintained between upgrades.
  • Better scrolling on search results views.
  • Fixed painting problem of various UI elements.
  • New Delete link on the grids in edit mode on the Recipe screen for deleting steps and recipe ingredients.
  • Number entry fix, ".5" on a recipe ingredient was causing errors.
  • Fixed bug when running "Perform Maintenance" that was introduced with SQL Express sp2.

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