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Chef Release Notes

  • Fix for Chef Online status going to Disconnected when saving a new/blank recipe.
  • Fix for an error that prevented saving some recipes.

  • Added integration with Chef Online to provide mobiles access to recipes and the shopping list.
  • Fix for database connection loss after doing an ingredient search.

  • Fix for not being able to delete certain recipe ingredients.

  • Some recipe titles getting truncated when displayed in scheduled menus.
  • A previous update broke the up/down buttons for rearranging recipe steps.

  • Fix for registration key not always being accepted when copied from certain email clients.
  • Database update.
  • Fixed problem configuring the database on some 64-bit installations.

  • New - integrated database backup and restore.
  • New - Meal planning allows you to schedule meals to be made.
  • New - Updated toolbar icons throughout Chef.
  • New - Quickly add planned meals to your shopping list from the scheduling calendar.
  • New - Access to scheduling recipes from the recipe toolbar.
  • New - Drag and Drop to rearrange planned meals on the scheduling calendar.
  • Fix - Improved Windows Vista/7 install experience.
  • Fix - Improved behavior of the recipe listing, measuring unit listing, and ingredient listing index bars.
  • Fix - Print Preview window starts very small.
  • Fix - Unable to install SQL Server on 64-bit Windows.
  • Fix - Improved handling of blank measuring unit entries when editing recipes.
  • Fix - Crash that may occur when clicking an internet link in Chef if FireFox requires user action before starting.
  • Fix - Recipe sharing failure involving recipes with no ingredients.
  • Fix - Double-clicking a recipe package on the computer didn't launch the Sharing Wizard on some systems.
  • New - Refreshed the UI color scheme.
  • Fix - Recipes with long titles can run out of room to display the title.
  • Fix - Ingredient Preparations don't get carried over to scaled recipes.
  • Fix - Print button on the Shopping List Print Preview window only prints the header.

  • Fixed recipe displaying so that ampersands will be visible now.
  • Fixed a bug where the Prep Time was not editable when you first create a new recipe.
  • Fixed a bug where some ingredient preparations were not displaying after you have unlocked a recipe for edits.
  • The font size on the Recipe Slideshows can now be increased or decreased using the + and - keys on the keyboard. Previously the numeric keypad needed to be used, which was a problem for laptops. Also holding down the Ctrl key while pressing + or - changes the font size of ingredients.
  • Fixed some recipe entry quirks such as items disappearing after tabbing off the columns when you're done typing.
  • Removed an errant blue border on recipes when they are printed.

  • Fixed a recipe editing bug where some of the fields would shift around on the screen.

  • Rate recipes on a scale of 1 to 5 Chef Hats.
  • Added the concept of a "preparation" to a recipe's ingredients. Such as To Taste or Diced.
  • Rate a recipe's complexity on a scale of 1 to 5 Chef Hats.
  • Added Cook Time to recipes. These can be entered in numerous ways such as "45 minutes", "1.5 hours", or "1 hours 25 minutes".
  • Added Preparation Time to recipes so you can keep track of how long it takes to actually make a meal, rather than it's cooking time. These can be entered in numerous ways such as "45 minutes", "1.5 hours", or "1 hours 25 minutes".
  • Fixed a bug when scaling a recipe with an ingredient with a "0" amount.
  • Improved and expanded search capability.
  • Improved loading time when scaling a recipe.
  • Fixed the "Find a Recipe" link to actually open up the Search page.
  • Added a search button to the toolbar to quickly locate a recipe.
  • Fixed a bug where certain bookmarks wouldn't get saved correctly.
  • Display the server name when prompting to upgrade the database.

  • Fixed several recipe printing problems where Chef could crash on some printers when the recipe spanned multiple pages. Also fixed the print margins.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't print from the print preview window.
  • Added the ability to print to a printer other than the system default.
  • Fixed a recipe search bug that returned all recipes were returned if title, description, and steps weren't specified.

  • When editing a recipe, you can now reorder the directions by clicking the up/down arrows next to the data grid.
  • Reimplemented the search feature so that a smaller version of SQL Server can now be used.
  • New installation package which allows Windows Vista users to select Run As Administrator on the Cheft start menu Item. Chef no longer requests to run with Administrative privileges all the time.
  • Smaller version of SQL Express is now installed to reduce installation size from 250MB to 38MB.
  • Fixed a bug that kept some recipes from saving due to an error with measuring units.
  • With Bug 231 reimplementing Search, this is no longer an issue.

  • More reliable database upgrades.
  • Added recipe searching by category.
  • Improved Recipe Slideshow now displays the recipe ingredients alongside the directions at all times.
  • Quickly create a Recipe Package with a single recipe directly from the recipe screen.
  • Improved recipe categories. When entering a recipe, just enter a comma separated list of categories a recipe belongs in. You can now search by category too.
  • Fixed bug where screen wouldn't refresh when selecting File..Save from the menu.
  • Fixed error that occurs when performing database maintenance.
  • Fixed bug where extra ingredients and measuring units are created while entering a recipe.
  • Added a Paste Key button on the registration screen.
  • Added a link to clear all items from the shopping list.
  • Fixed an InvalidCastException error that occurs when entering a blank recipe step.
  • Fixed an error that occurs when a shopping list item is added with no text.

  • In preparation for Recipe Scaling, the Serves amount on a recipe can now hold fractional amounts.
  • Implemented a feature called Recipe Scaling, which allows a recipe's ingredients to be viewed with scaled amounts (halves, triple, etc).
  • Reworked the installation process so the database engine is automatically downloaded separately from the Chef install.
  • Reworked the installation process to better conform to Limited User Account principles.
  • Fixed a crash involving the display of ingredients.
  • Fixed a crash that can occur when a recipe category with recipes is renamed.
  • New, polished secondary toolbar icons.
  • Fixed the display of the toggling Edit/Lock button on the Measuring Units secondary toolbar.
  • Fixed a crash that can occur when Chef tries to upgrade the database to a new version.
  • Recipe directions are now numbered when a recipe is printed.

  • Clear way to delete shopping list items.
  • New button for deleting shopping list items.
  • Tooltip text for search textboxes.
  • Better names for the search results tabs.
  • Error reporting for submitting bugs to EJ innovations.
  • Added text if no search results were found.
  • Shopping list instructions displayed on the window above the shopping list.
  • Fixed bug that discarded modified, unsaved items if the user enters a registration code before saving.
  • Fixed crash when a recipe was added to the Uncategorized category/section.
  • User settings maintained between upgrades.
  • Better scrolling on search results views.
  • Fixed painting problem of various UI elements.
  • New Delete link on the grids in edit mode on the Recipe screen for deleting steps and recipe ingredients.
  • Number entry fix, ".5" on a recipe ingredient was causing errors.
  • Fixed bug when running "Perform Maintenance" that was introduced with SQL Express sp2.

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