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Chef News

8/3/2011 Version 1.5

Bug fixes.

12/12/2010 Version 1.5

Syncronize recipes and shopping lists with your iPhone, using Chef Online.

12/23/2009 Version 1.4.3

Minor bugfix.

12/02/2009 Version 1.4.2

A couple small bugfixes.

09/02/2009 Version 1.4.1

An small update to resolve issues introduced in 1.4.

08/30/2009 Version 1.4

Now includes the capability to schedule meals by adding recipes to a built-in calendar, great for figuring out what to make throughout a busy work week and creating your shopping list.

This release also includes numerous bug fixes, a refreshed color scheme, and other usability improvements.

06/07/2008 Version 1.3.23

Some more bug fixes and usability enhancements.

05/20/2008 Version 1.3.22

Just a quick bugfix release.

05/08/2008 Version 1.3.20

Lots of good things packed into this release: recipe complexity and favorites ratings; ingredient preparations ("to taste", "diced"); enhanced search; recipe preparation and cook times; bug fixes and more!

04/01/2008 Version 1.3.18

This is a smal bugfix release to take care of a few things that some of you have reported back to me.  Thank you!

03/08/2008 Version 1.3.13 is now available!

There are a few bug fixes, new installation, smaller download, and some changes to make using Chef on Windows Vista more pleasant.

02/08/2008 Version 1.3.1 is released!

The big change in this release was the conversion over to a tag-based system for Categories (both Recipe Categories and Ingredient Categories).  So now instead of going to a separate tab and drag-dropping a recipe into categories, you just type the categries in as a comma-separated list.  For example: "eric's favorites, desserts, chocolate" will put that recipe into 3 categories that you can then search by.

The recipe slide show was also updated to make it more usable.  The ingredients are now shown all of the time alongside the directions, with the applicable ingredients highlighted for the current step.

And as usual there were bug fixes and other small changes here and there.

11/05/2007 Version 1.2 is now available!

This release includes a feature I call Recipe Scaling which assists you in increasing or reducing the ingredients in a recipe to make smaller batches.

In addition, several stability-related bugs were fixed.  A big THANKS to all of you that used the bug reporting feature to help improve Chef.

08/02/2007 Version 1.1 is now available! This release includes numerous fixes for bugs reported since 1.0 as well as a few usability enhancements. 

In addition, crash reports can be quickly and easily submitted if you run into one.  Let's hope you don't need this!

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