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Meal Planning

Chef's Menu Planning features assist in arraning recipes and meals to be cooked over time, throughout your work week for instance. The built-in calendar will help you figure out what meals are being made when, see if any meals are missing, and quickly add everything to your shopping list.

Meal Planning Calendar

With the built-in calendar, double click a day to create a new menu for adding recipes.

Meal Planning Calendar

Add Recipes to Menus

Now that you have a few menus created, they need to have recipes added to them. Once you have found a recipe you'd like to cook, click Add to Planner and you can pick which menu to add it to, or create a new one.

Add a recipe to a menu

Your Shopping List

Select a range of days on the Meal Planner Calendar, right click, and you can have all of the recipes and their ingredients added to your Chef Shopping List. Seconds later you can be off to the store with your shopping list in-hand!

Add to Shopping List
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